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Hi Actor Actioneers all!


This week I’m really keen to natter to you about growing as an actor.


The great Orchard of the Arts is out there, burgeoning with many and varied flowers, plants and  fruit trees, all laden with sweet, rich, juicy clusters of Talent, there for the plucking. There’s a drama-bush full of choices, a dance tree, a music shrub laden with gems. And you can pick from any shrub or tree.   


Is it the Theatre-tree, or the Film-tree that takes your fancy? Or both?? 

Is it Comedy, Tragedy, Stand-up? 

Song’n’dance? Physical theatre? Musicals? Circus? Pantomime? 

Improvisation, Jamming? Play-making? Story-telling? Scriptwriting?

TV presenting, starring in Soaps? Or is it a Series you want to do?


Hey, guys! Why specialize in only one of these??  Challenge yourself!


 How VERSATILE can you be?



The broader – the better, buddies! The full range of possibilities is there  waiting for you. The more varied your repertoire of skills, the more desirable you are to managements, the more work there is out there for you! Don’t limit yourself to one genre, one area of performance…… Be brave! 


Do them ALL!


Learn to juggle, ride a unicycle, throw flags, cheer-lead, learn to rap, learn to tap, speak a Shakespeare soliloquy, go to singing class, sing in the shower, fence, do skateboarding, roller blades, nunchaku, stick-fighting, do yoga, pilates, Alexander, go to gym and dance class, see plays and movies, play Scrabble on your iPhone, do a writing course, devise your own one-person show, make your own self-tapes, crack the art of auditioning. Read, research. Push the boundaries wider, stretch further, higher, and in every different direction.


That’s my TAKE-AWAY TIP for this week.


 Take the initiative and responsibility for growing your own varied and multiple capabilities. And don’t underestimate your potential.


Take ACTION now! Be an able, agile ACTOR. Keep ACTIVE.  


The range of your talent can blossom if you plant the seeds, water them all, feed and fertilize them, and give them all loving and totally focussed attention. Work at it! Let your hard work bear fruit! Extend your skills. Make yourself the Choicest Cherry, the Sweetest Peach in the crop. The Cool Banana for any Producers to pick. Make it worth your while – and theirs!


As Sondheim and Bernstein say beautifully with fabulous rich harmonies at the end of the opera/musical “CANDIDE” ……




Come join me for the “Why Versatility is important” Webinar on 24th March. Can’t wait for us to share all these thoughts with each other!





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