Sing! Dance! Act! Tell Stories! JUST DO IT!!

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Hey all Active Actors out there – 

Jan H here, with a few thoughts to share about various techniques that will help you develop quickly, instantly and practically in a very short space of time. “Quickly – yes!”, Jan is emphatic. “But (as you know!!) never easily!”

“INSTANT?” you ask. “Like Nescafe?”  “Just add boiling water and stir?” …..“Hey?? You serious?” –  “Just like that??”

“Well, no. Not really! Of course not! Nothing about performing is that simple. Panto is harder work than you’ve probably ever done!” warns Mama J, “but you’ll learn a set of rules that will stand you in good stead for many years to come!

And Actors all –  that’s not just in comedy, stand-up or musicals! Panto teaches a technique of process, discipline, delivery, articulation, stage-presence, emotional commitment, immersion, actor/audience generosity, ensemble playing and vibrant stage presentation – and it’s as demanding as any genre of performance you may ever be required to do. 

You can apply what you’ve learned in a season of Panto-fun to any style! It teaches you communication of a story, tenderly told with clear intention, passion and feeling!”


[Carry on reading below]

You look doubtful…..

“Come on, guys! Take on the real, generous and fully-present style that makes it vibrant, dynamic and alive!”

“Oh no, per-leeeze, Mama J”  …. You give a snobbish sniff – “I’m more …um… selective about my choices. I don’t do Panto.”

Tell that to Susan Danford, Kate Normington, Desmond Dube, Zolani Shangase, Lelo Ramasimong, Dolly Louw, Noni Makhonto, Annamart van der Merwe, Michael Richard, Ben Voss, Charlene Surtee-Richards, Graham Hopkins, Craig Urbani, Sne Dladla, Louise St. Clare, Judy Page, Tobie Cronje, Mark Lottering, David Dennis and countless other well-known Celebrities who have all cut their teeth on Panto! They’ve loved it, and they know how it helped them lose their inhibitions and prissy reserve!  

You may sneer, pooh-pooh it as irrelevant and old-fashioned….BUT!!!  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

“It’s like a Turbo-Charged Crash Course – and while the process feels strange and new, the outcome is satisfying and confidence building.” 

[Carry on reading below]

NB!! I believe that any performers who act in a PANTOMIME just ONCE in their newly-emerging careers will benefit from the onstage lessons it teaches. 


And the added bonus? The extra value? The Take-Away?? It’s FUN, it’s playful, it’s MAD, it’s enjoyed by audiences 3 to 30, 4 to 40 and 8 to 80!! They love it. And you’ll love doing it!


This  will not only apply to musical performers, but to students, part-time actors, drama teachers, school actors, old hands and amateurs! And I promise a few Panto regulars will be there in interviews to share their experience! 


So in May or June I want to give you all a series of Masterclasses that will be inventive, creative, theatrical  –  and will culminate in our very own Zoom-Panto for the entertainment of the whole family!


Watch our Webpage for more details, sign up, and join us for the JOL!


Please SHARE this Blog with any of your friends who may want to play with us in the Silly Shenanigans! And let us know if you fancy a shot at it!


Lotsa love


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