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Hi English and Drama teachers all –  

It’s almost time for post-exam holiday Christmas/Hanukkah/Diwali or other general festivities – all so well-deserved after a difficult and demanding year! I’m sure you can’t wait for those beaches, mountain walks, family get-togethers – and late lie-ins with no thought of the ear-piercing school-bell ringing insistently! 

It’s also time for reconnection with all of you whom we at Actor Action worked with throughout this past year, and to make the friendly acquaintance of new educators we haven’t yet met. And then –  to establish what material you would like Actor Action to tackle with your learners next year. There is a whole lot we can do for you – but what? “That is the question.”

So what approach should we take? There is such a wide range of choices we can offer that it would be helpful for us to hear your suggestions of what’s needed to interest the learners, capture their imaginations and bring the written word into real live 3D focus for them.

From the get-go I need to explain that I don’t wish to intrude on your areas of teaching expertise, but rather to add my particular experiences of directing, workshopping and conceptualising Theatre-in-Education for young people to develop and light up their imaginations regarding literature.

So – what could these be?

 – Readings of their set Poetry by good professional actors – followed by analysis, discussion and debate – with strong participation in Q&A sessions with the young people who need to understand, interpret and write on these often obscure pieces of writing.

 – Webinars on the background, meaning, history and world of drama, poetry, prose, novels – in fact any form of literature or performance they are required to understand. These could range from new looks at the world of Shakespeare, Beckett, Fugard/Kani/Ntshona to the lives, thoughts and philosophies of the Poets – with participatory investigation, hot-seat exercises, and more. Challenging and fun!

 – In-Depth Explorations of “The Theory of Flight” or any other contemporary novels or plays you may be studying with your learners.

 – Performance by trained actors of extracts from The Tempest, Macbeth, Waiting for Godot, The Island and more – whatever you feel would enlighten and enliven classes.

I’m really looking forward to as much communication with your learners as I can create – giving them an audible voice and hearing them express their input and opinions is what we at Actor Action really believe will encourage their stimulation and enjoyment of their set works. 

I would really appreciate discussion with all you teachers –  email exchanges, WhatsApps, Zoom-chats – to get to know you better, and to try to establish a productive and fruitful connection between us!

Get those suggestions rolling in – NOW is a great time for us to prepare our contributions to your learner’s development!

Happy, relaxed, refreshing and rejuvenating weeks of holiday to you ALL!!! 

Warm regards 


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