Pantomime Masterclass (September 2021)

For the Actor Action September Masterclasses I am doing a condensed, shrunken, short’n’sharp “Jack’n’ the Beanstalk”.

Janice says: “I’m just longing to help actors with delivery, versatility, daring, discipline, and stage presence! Honestly, once you’ve experienced the energy and stamina you need for Panto, you’ll be able to do anything!

And over and above that, I want you to jol along with me having fun, humour, to use your inventive imaginations, improvisation, and brush off the end-of-a-hard-hard-year by releasing all that pent-up mad mirth and loud-and-lusty laughter that has not been able to express itself during lockdown!”

Come sign up for slapstick, sauciness, and a whole lot of sensational silliness! Play is hard work, but with Panto hard work will feel like play!