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Janice Honeyman is passionate about young learners. With over 50 years in the entertainment industry, she is now lending her experience and expertise of certain set-works to help teachers and learners with their exam material.

What's Happening Now?

The Tempest

Janice Honeyman is offering an exciting, interactive and informative webinar on THE TEMPEST to help your learners excel in their English exams. 
This webinar is unlike anything your learners would have experienced. Janice is passionate about Shakespeare and his relevance in the 21st Century. The webinar emphasises bringing the pages to life through live readings from some top theatre professionals, and it includes some fun Hot Seat questions for Janice that will bring valuable insight to your matrics/learners. 
The webinar is only R100.00 per child (teachers attend for free). It will be hosted on Zoom. 
The following is covered:
  • Character analysis
  • Understanding central themes
  • Why Shakespeare is relevant in 2021
  • Practical understanding of The Tempest through performance
  • Bringing the pages to life through live readings from top theatre professionals
  • References to an innovative production of the Tempest with John Kani and Antony Sher, directed by Janice Honeyman!

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