February Monthly Challenge

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Stand a chance to win a Masterclass of your choice!

Put yourself out there by participating in our monthly challenge and competition this February and stand a chance to WIN one of our flagship 4-week Masterclass packages valid for the month of March.


The “Between the Lines” February Challenge

How it works:

  • Follow us on instagram at @actoraction_jh
  • Choose one of the 4 monologue options below.
  • Read the full play (or if you can’t find a free version online, read a detailed synopsis of it)
  • Familiarize yourself with the characters history, objectives and emotional life within the context of the play, and then more specifically, within the context of the chosen monologue.
  • Memorize the lines.
  • Consolidate your work until you feel ready to perform.  
  • Film yourself performing the monologue AS WRITTEN.
  • THEN, fill in “between the lines.”

What do we mean by that??

  • Your character thinks in between each capital letter and full stop of each sentence.
  • One thought or a flood of different thoughts PROPELS them to actually SPEAK their next line of dialogue that the writer has written.
  • What are they thinking between each line? That is the question, and we (the audience) want to find out!  We want to see you speak your characters consciousness.
  • NOW, film yourself performing the monologue with your characters thoughts spoken OUT LOUD between each line until you get to the end of the written piece.
  • Digest what just happened, collect yourself..
  • And film yourself for a 3rd time ONLY SPEAKING THE ORIGINAL WRITTEN WORDS, as you did in the first take.
  • Now watch all 3 takes one after the other.
  • Post your favourite take on instagram and be sure to tag us an use #ActorAction
  • Janice will review all entries and the winner will be announced 24 February 2021

See monologues below

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