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Actor Action is an online platform created by award winning director Janice Honeyman, dedicated to equipping you as Actors and Theater Makers with the tools to stay active and refine your craft.

Acting Masterclass with Janice Honeyman


Why we have to keep active

Acting is like anything else. The more you PRACTISE, the better you get. The better you get, the more work you book. Simple. So, practice with us!

Work on your voice, your body, your approach. Improvise. Learn story-telling. Every actor benefits from these styles in discipline, projection, stage presence and team-work.

About Janice Honeyman

Janice Honeyman is an internationally recognized theatre director who has devoted her life to all aspects of the performing arts. Her  work has been seen on stages around the world including The Market and Baxter theatres, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Sydney Opera house and the American Repertory Theatre in Boston. Her most recent productions are Kunene and the King with John Kani and Sir Anthony Sher that opened at the Ambassador Theatre in London’s West End

Throughout her working life, sharing her knowledge of theatre with actors, directors and students has been as important to Janice as directing itself. 


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